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Mosquitoes are the most significant & dangerous vector of disease in history and responsible for more human deaths than any other animal. Mosquitoes are well adapted for urban life and are a common nuisance pest in residential backyards. In recent years, the media has significantly increased the public’s mosquito awareness due to West Nile virus and encephalitis outbreaks.


Conditions conducive to increase mosquito population

Truly Nolen Mosquito Control
Stagnant Water

Uncirculated lake, pond, fountain, retention basin, birdbath, old tires, buckets, and similar areas.

Truly Nolen Mosquito Control
Moisture conditions

Tree wells and holes, flowerbeds, plant catch plates, rock holes, decorative pots and accent pieces, sprinkler heads, shady areas, etc.

Truly Nolen Mosquito Control
Resting sites

Vertical or inverted surfaces protected from the wind and providing higher levels of moisture, such as a patio area, the underside of the leaves for dense vegetation next to a structure, under a building’s eaves, gazebos, shade structures, porches, and decks.


The Truly Nolen Solution


Begins with a customer interview, followed by a thorough visual inspection of the entire property for proper pest identification and determination of a course of action.

Resting Sites

Using a power sprayer or backpack mister our technician treats protected vertical and inverted surfaces of dense vegetation up to a height of 6 ft. We also treat the perimeter up to 50 ft away from the structure.

Post Bite Sites

MosquitoNext we address and treat post bite sites within 10 ft of the bite zone and up to 3 ft from ground level focusing around doors and windows, common places where mosquitoes rest after a blood meal as they prepare to lay eggs.

Moisture Control

MosquitoWe apply a small amount of granular larvicide to areas where moisture collects and mosquitoes lay eggs, examples include tree holes, potted plants and sprinkler heads. We also treat suspected breeding sites like ponds, ditches and fountains.

Programmable Misting Machine

As an optional step or depending on pest pressure we install a programmable misting machine to eliminate adult flying insects from around the home.

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Mosquito Treatment

Truly Nolen believes strongly that it is in the best interest of every property owner to have a professional mosquito treatment program. Call us to discuss our effective Mosquito Treatment programs.

Mosquito Control

Our Mosquito Control Services can help you to enjoy your backyard again and avoid those pesky pests. Call Active Pest Control today to schedule a mosquito yard treatment!

Rodent Removal

Rodents are some of the most destructive, dirty, and dangerous pests in your home. They can cause electrical and structural damage and spread diseases such as salmonella.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Truly Nolen services are designed to rid your home of pests such as roaches, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, ants, wasps, rodents and more. We treat the home, garage and yard and warranty each of our services. If a problem should arise before we are scheduled to return, simply give us a call and we will return promptly to re-treat the area.

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Preventing mosquito infestations throughout front and back yard properties so that you can enjoy the outdoors again.

Our regularly scheduled mosquito pest management techniques are highly effective. Call us today to inquire about mosquito control services.